Its the Jesuits stupid!

Its the Jesuits stupid!

The Biden admin came out this week annoucing in a press release they will not release the JFK files.

The statement they gave is very revealing “to protect against a identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement and conduct of foreign relations”.

That reveals more than any release of the JFK files could have done. They admit the military and intelligence community, law enforcement and a foreign country was involved in the JFK murder. What foreign relation could that be? Israel? What military, intelligence and law inforcement could that be? CIA and FBI? Military Industrial Complex?

It doesnt matter as we know already the names of the shooters, the number of people behind it, why and how they killed Kennedy. Its not a secret anymore. It says it all they will wait until everybody involved is dead and forgotten before they want to release it. Let me guess, Kissinger is one of them. The rest is already dead and buried. Wait until 2040?

For the record, the reason was Military Industrial Complex profits, Israel its nuclear programme, destroying the CIA, FBI and scatter them into the wind(sic) and the Jesuit secret societies. Thats all folks.

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