America heading for destruction under Biden

America heading for destruction under Biden

Late Friday the House passed the notorious 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. 13 (thats not a lucky number) rhino republicans voted for it and that was the sole reason it passed.

The infrastructure bill is not about infrastructure like roads and rail, its about donating $450.000 dollars tonea h and everyone immigrant illegally crossing the border. Its about funding jobs (governments only appoit burocrats) but you require to have the jab or clotshot. Also its about funding BuildBackBetter or TheGreatReset from Klaus Schwab and Climate Change hoax as well. So Schwab uncorked a bottle of wine to celebrate. Its basically to fund the transfer from capitalism to communism in America.

One of Biden critics calls this bill a ‘shell game’.

America is dead broke. Who will pay for this 1.2 trillion pork package?

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